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    Hi i made a post further down but it kinda got neglected and i didn&#039;t explain properly.<BR><BR>What i want to do is when people login to my site i want to display "WHOS ONLINE" in other words log sessions of members on my site and display how many people online and be able to view who it is thats online - then possibly message them etc. but thats not what i need help with.<BR><BR>I need to know how to record the sessions as such in the database so that they expire when the user leaves the site/logs off. I know how to insert into the database who is online etc. i just dont know how to set it to time out after say 10 misn of no activity or anything... i could get it to renew everytime some1 goes to a new page renew their sessions -- but how would i make their session disappear if they arent around?

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    do the insert each time someone makes a page impression and give the insert a time stamp.<BR><BR>when pulling the info back out - just grab those that have a timestamp which is less than x mins from now

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