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    NathanB Guest

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    I need to make asp display my dates in dd/mm/yyyy format, and I&#039ve tried using dateformattime function with vbshortdate set, but it doesn&#039t pick up my regional date format (dd/mm/yyyy).<BR>I&#039ve checked my DB and the date is in there in the correct format...? Help!!

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    fl1rt Guest

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    have you tried mm/dd/yy??<BR><BR>as a fellow Brit, I had a similar problem a few weeks back as I produced a script which worked fine offline (in the UK) but incorrectly in on my host server (in the US).<BR><BR>I found that by checking for whether I was &#039offline&#039 or not, to swap the mm and dd attributes round to do the trick - it&#039s a bit of a pain, but it works!<BR><BR>fl1rt

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    Hayden Rogers Guest

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    Insert:<BR><BR>Session.LCID = "0809"<BR><BR>at the beginning of every page that uses date functionality. This sets the Locale to United Kingdom, ensuring that everything if formatted properly.

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    NathanB Guest

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    I tried it and it came back with this error...<BR><BR>SessionID error &#039ASP 0219 : 80004005&#039 <BR><BR>Invalid LCID <BR><BR>/EMAPEpisode1/Competitions/addeditcompetition2.asp, line 6 <BR><BR>The specified LCID is not available. <BR><BR>...obviously I haven&#039t set something up correctly?

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