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    I want this to eventually run via an ASP script. I am trying to create a table via sql but i am not sure how to assign the Autonumber and Yes/No fields in the sql, as it always chucks an error.<BR><BR>My current sql is below<BR><BR>CREATE TABLE jan2003invoices (ID AutoNumber, pid Text, accref Text,quantity Number,net Currency,inv Number,paid Yes/No);<BR><BR>please can anyone help i am using MS Access 97<BR><BR>Waseem

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    Well I would question why you need to do this?<BR><BR>You appear to want to create a table to store invoices in jan2003, so presume ditto feb, mar,...<BR><BR>Why not have one invoices table with a field to indicate the time period then your problem goes away and this structure is much more efficient anyway.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>Tim

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