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    When I tried to copy One table to another like below<BR>It generates an error "Multiple-step OLEDB command generated error "80040e77" <BR> "select * from tmp",con,2,3<BR> "select * from details",con<BR>while not rs2.eof<BR>rs1.addnew<BR>rs1("name")=rs2("name")<B R>rs1("addr")=rs2("addr")<BR>rs1("val")=rs2("val") <BR>rs1.update<BR>rs2.movenext<BR>wend<BR>I can use direct SQL to do this. But whts this prob.<BR>Please anybody explain this?

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    most likely there&#039;s an invalid value in rs2.<BR><BR>&#062;&#062; I can use direct SQL to do this<BR>No you should use direct SQL to do this, this is not an effecient way to do this. Do you need help with this?

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