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    nath Guest

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    Steps:<BR>1. I click on Edit button on A.asp page. It takes me B.asp page. <BR>2. I am editing that record in B.asp and I click on submit button.<BR>3. It submit button updates the database with the new modifications and redirects me back to A.asp page. <BR>4. A.asp page shows the most recent modifications perfectly fine.<BR>5. When I click on Edit button for the same record again on A.asp page it shows the record before modifications (but the user has modified the record in step 3).<BR><BR>Could you kindly help me please

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    I experienced such an issue once, and it turned out to be the web browser caching the page. I turned off the web-page caching and it worked fine....<BR><BR>You could also force the page to expire with meta-tags, asp, etc... that will probably be the better fix.<BR><BR>Good Luck,<BR><BR>Jesse<BR>

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    papiya Guest

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    I did the same programming as yours.I did not have any problem doing that.There may be more than one cause for your problem like<BR>1.First you have to see whether it is updating or just adding the data or not.<BR>2.If it is properly updating the data then where from the previous data is coming?<BR>3.You have to refresh the page properly.Sometimes the page canbe refreshed from cache.<BR>4.Check your SQL .

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    Nath Guest

    Default how to Turn off web page caching

    How to we turn off web page caching

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