I&#039;m using SQL and ASP to query an access database. My SQL string is really long and I&#039;m getting an "Expected end of statement" error due to the fact that my query string is more than one line long. The SQL string (which works fine in Access) is as follows:<BR><BR>sql="SELECT Projects.Title, Projects.Directory, Projects.DateRequested, Projects.DateNeeded, Projects.DateCompleted, Projects.Description, Projects.Notes, [Staff].[FirstName] & " " & [Staff].[LastName] AS StaffName, [Contacts].[FirstName] & " " & [Contacts].[LastName] AS ConName<BR>FROM Contacts INNER JOIN (Staff INNER JOIN Projects ON Staff.StaffID = Projects.StaffKey) ON Contacts.ContactID = Projects.ContactKey"<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance for your help! <BR>