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    wini Guest

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    I am sending 2 dates from the HTMl text field to a jscript function and i want to compare these two dates what are the steps that i need to follow<BR>please reply

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    pdaly Guest

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    I am assuming the dates are processed using asp at seom point, since this is an ASP forum. If that is correct, you can cheat and use the split function in VBscript.<BR><BR>myarrary = split(mydate,"/")<BR><BR>you would then have myarray(0) as the month, myarray(1) as the day, and myarray(2) as the year. You can pass this in to the javascript using the following code: [date syntax is date(year,month,day)]<BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE=JAVASCRIPT&#062;<BR>myJavaScriptDate = new Date(&#060;%= myarray(2) %&#062;,&#060;%= myarray(0) %&#062;,&#060;%= myarray(1) %&#062;);<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;<BR><BR>Hope this points you in the right direction,<BR><BR>-Pete

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    wini Guest

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    Do we have any function like date difference or something in java script

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