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    Guys--<BR><BR>I have an web app that gets passed query result in XML format that is generated on the fly by the user...<BR><BR>I&#039;m adding an addition to the app that takes the results and allows the user to send out emails to people generated in the result set...<BR><BR>My question is however, I need to be able to determine which field in their results contains the e-mail addresses...<BR><BR>Does anyone know of a good way to do this...

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    In what shape is the recieving app getting the data? That is, are you are sending a querystring which has the form:<BR><BR>fldname=data?fldname1=data?....<BR><B R>If this is the case, the easiest would probably be to set up a string variable with the querystring, and search for an @ sign<BR><BR>strTemp0=Request.form & request.querystring<BR><BR>intTemp0=instr(1,strTem p0,"@",1)<BR>intTemp1=instr(intTemp0+1,"&",1)<BR>i ntTemp2=1<BR>intTemp3=1<BR><BR>While intTemp2 &#060; intTemp0<BR> intTemp3=intTemp2<BR> intTemp2=instr(intTemp2+1,strTemp0,"&",1)<BR>next< BR><BR>at the end intTemp3=the leading & (1 if its the first element) and intTemp1=the trailing &<BR><BR>It&#039;s somewhat baroque, but it should work.<BR><BR><BR>HTH <BR>

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