My problem is this;<BR>I&#039;m creating an ASP form to submit new properties to a db. BUT the design of the GUI is such that I have to have 3 forms to do this job.<BR>The 1st form simply gets the property address, and has a jump menu to launch the 2nd page (it can be either a house or hotel). On the hotel form users can select a room type and then a quantity of that room type, on hitting the add button the desired quantity of the specified room type should be presented by the .asp (in a nested iframe).<BR>I can get the .asp to display just a single instance of the desired room - but don&#039;t know how to create say 10 or 20 in the recordset that is returned.<BR><BR>What should I be doing?<BR>Should the 1st form save the record to the DB or to a &#039;cart&#039; table?<BR>How do i create the link between the property and its rooms on the 2nd level form?