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    Does anyone know if you can put an include file within a response.write command?<BR><BR>basically this is the code i have<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>If mscsPage.RequestString("web_name") = "Printers" then<BR> Response.Write " &#060;!-- #INCLUDE FILE = homespecials/homespecials.htm --&#062; "<BR><BR>End If<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR><BR>but it is bringing up nothing...thanks

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    It is a server-side include, so it get&#039s included at the server.<BR>The response.write statement you have simply sends the string <BR>" &#060;!-- #INCLUDE FILE = homespecials/homespecials.htm --&#062; " down to the client as part of the html, so it doesn&#039t get processed. So I guess the answer is no.<BR><BR>Is there a special reason for your doing this? If so, maybe I can help.<BR>

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