using recordset values in forms?

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Thread: using recordset values in forms?

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    Default using recordset values in forms?

    Is it possible to present a form of text inputs with the text fields already populated with items from a recordset? For instance I would like to search for a particular row in a database for update and present the record to the user in a html form where they can make changes to earch value in the field if they desire and then update the database record with the<BR>changes. <BR>For example &#060;input type="text" value="&#060;%"&recsetarray(0)&"%&#062;"...&#062;< BR>I have not found any information on this. Thanks for any<BR>information or pointers to examples you can provide.<BR>

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    Default Of course...

    ...but not like that<BR><BR> &#060;INPUT Type="Text" Name="whatever" Value="&#060;%=rs("something")%&#062;" &#062;<BR><BR>Or, I suppose,<BR> &#060;INPUT Type="Text" Name="whatever" Value="&#060;%=rs(0)%&#062;" &#062;<BR><BR>Though I wouldn&#039;t do that unless it&#039;s for some kind of "generic" DB update page. (And that&#039;s *usually* a bad idea for other reasons--such as the inability to guarantee you can maintain referential integrity.)<BR><BR>And you haven&#039;t looked in the various good ASP sites if you haven&#039;t seen this. For example, has an entire series of database "lessons" that show the full cycle of adding, showing, updating, and deleting data.<BR><BR>And most any ASP book out there *should* be showing this. If yours doesn&#039;t, toss it out and get a good book.<BR><BR>

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