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    Jason Brunken Guest

    Default Session_OnEnd Not Running...

    I have a chat app that depends heavily on the Session_OnEnd event to run properly, however it appears that the event refuses to run.<BR><BR>I&#039ve heard of this happening before, but I&#039ve never heard of a solution.<BR><BR>Anyone have any helpful hints?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Jason<BR>

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    alf Guest

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    I bet it&#039s running.....the On_End event is not triggered when a user closes their browser however. The default timeout for a session is 20 minutes, this can be set with Session.TimeOut. When the timeout period expires the Session_OnEnd event is fired. Also if you use Session.Abandon, the Session_OnEnd event is fired immediately. These are only ways to get Session_OnEnd to fire. Personally, I think it should be fired when the user closes the browser also .....<BR><BR>HTH,<BR><BR>alf

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    Jason Brunken Guest

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    Actually, it wasn&#039t running, but only because I was being REALLY stupid...<BR><BR>I forgot to make the subweb into an application, so it was using the global.asa out of the root.<BR><BR>I&#039ll file this one under "DUH"<BR><BR>Thanks for the quick reply...<BR><BR>-Jason

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    Martin Guest

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    I am having tons of problems trying to get my Session_OnEnd event to fire. It works fine on my PWS but the minute I upload it to my Server it doesnt work there...please can you explain in details what you did to fix your problem..<BR><BR>thanks<BR>Martin

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