I have a DCOM object on a remote (LAN) server that I am Creating<BR>from my web site. The initial creation of the object takes 45 <BR>seconds. This is unacceptably long. I have tried this both <BR>through MTS and direct and with both ways the delay is there. <BR><BR>Subsequent calls to the ASP script run just fine -- quickly as <BR>expected. It is only the first time that the object is <BR>instantiated this delay exists.<BR><BR>If I run the equivalent VB program from the server, it fires <BR>off immediately every time -- no delays whatsoever.<BR><BR>Script:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>a = timer<BR>&#039;Set oTest = Server.CreateObject("comAlarm.SoundAlarm")<BR>Set oTest = CreateObject("comAlarm.SoundAlarm")<BR> b = timer<BR> oTest.FileName = "c:projectsalarmfoobar.html"<BR> c = timer<BR> oTest.custname = "Big Customer"<BR> d = timer<BR><BR> response.write oTest.GetFileMsg<BR> e = timer<BR>Set oTest = Nothing<BR>f = timer<BR>response.write " "<BR>response.write a & " " <BR>response.write b & " "<BR>response.write c & " "<BR>response.write d & " "<BR>response.write e & " "<BR>response.write f & " "<BR><BR>%&#062;<BR>