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    I am facing this random problem of client projects loose connection with the web server master copy. I got a message that front page extension is not available on web server. I installed , checked and fixed the FPE. This did not solve the problem then i installed front page again.This also did not work. But on rebooting the m/c several times it started working. What is actually happening. Any idea ???<BR><BR>Also even if all the client m/c browsers have been asked to bypass the proxy server (for our intranet) some times while updating the master copy on the webserver it fails and prompts that Server (ip address of the proxy server) is not available.<BR>Does my interdev local prject talk to the web server&#039s master copy through proxy server. How do I stop it.<BR> <BR><BR><BR>

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    If you are using MS Proxy Server, then you should also be using the ms Proxy Client for your internal machines. That should take care of all communication with Proxy. Not that it really answers your question, but the fact that it sounds like you are manually dealing with clients to proxy could be a problem.

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