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    Do "update" and "addnew" work with msSQL server??<BR><BR>My code which works perfectly fine with access <BR>doesn&#039t work with msSQL--I can retrieve records from <BR>the DB, but am unable to modify them. Do <BR>I have to use "update","delete","insert" in my<BR>sql statements instead? <BR>THANKS!

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    Raja V. Guest

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    Yes AddNew works with MS SQL .<BR>The thing you have to take care is that the lock type for your cursor should not be default(i.e adReadonly)

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    jknight Guest

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    Thanks! Good to know-- ... so what *should* the cursor lock type be? :)

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    Raja V. Guest

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    Yeah! I know you might be using default type by accident ;-)<BR>The lock type should be either of <BR>adLockpessimistic/adLockOptimistic/adBatchOptimistic<BR>For detailed info on these type you have an article in this site.<BR>Happy Programming !

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