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    I am having a syntax error!!<BR>I have a query string format. At one point in my script, I need to go to another page and bring along data with me. <BR>i.e. <BR>&#060;% if successful...<BR>response.redirect "form.asp?id=&#060;%=id%&#062;&amp;useremail=&#060 ;%=useremail%&#062;&amp;address=&#060;%=address%&# 062;"<BR><BR>THE problem is, My ASP code ends there with the "%&#062;" at the end of my hyperlink!! I cannot get around this. The rest of my code is inactivated. Is there an alternate way to word this to get to the next page? THX!!

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    response.redirect "form.asp?id=" & id & "&useremail=" & useremail & "&address=" & address<BR><BR>Craig.<BR>

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