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    Steff Guest

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    Ok, here&#039s my problem. If I Request.QueryString("Var"), I get a subtype of CHAR...but I need a subtype of INT, because when I pass this Parameter to an SQL server it doesn&#039t travel, that is, by the time it get&#039s to SQL procedure, it&#039s NULL.<BR><BR>Now my VBscript version does work, but my JScript version doesn&#039t... and I don&#039t particularly like VB &#039cos it&#039s nasty, so does anyone know how I can change a variable of subtype CHAR to subtype INT? <BR><BR>BTW: str.value isn&#039t it.<BR><BR>I can &#039bodge&#039 it at the SQL end, or I can use the VBscript version, but what I&#039d really like, is the JScript command!! <BR><BR>Help?

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    siddhartha shukla Guest

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    &nbsp;<BR>use parseint function to convert the string value into integer<BR>

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