Can you query a recordset?

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Thread: Can you query a recordset?

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    I have written an ASP program to go into Access and run a query on the data and bring it back to the web page. Now I&#039d like to run another query off of the results from the first query. Can I do this within the ASP program? If so, how? My hunch is that somehow I should be able to query the resulting RecordSet from my first query.

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    You could use the .Filter Method of the recordset object to filter the Recordset down to what you want it to be...<BR><BR>example :<BR><BR>ado_rsRecordSet.Filter = "LastName LIKE &#039Davi%&#039"<BR><BR>OR<BR><BR>strSQLString = "LastName LIKE &#039%" & strVARIABLE & "%&#039"<BR><BR>ado_rsRecordSet.Filter = strSQLString<BR><BR>Jesse

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