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    I have two or more submit buttons (type="image"), onclicking a button, I get taken to another asp page where I want to determine which button was clicked. <BR><BR>It works fine if I use the standard button types but as soon as I change it to type=&#039image&#039 then.... the next asp page does not know what button was pressed.<BR><BR>Any Ideas<BR><BR>

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    You can check with a simple if statement : <BR><BR>if not isempty(request("addMag.x")) then<BR><BR>where addMag is the name of you button.<BR>I think &#039addMag.x&#039 returns the coordinates of where you clicked on the button, though I haven&#039t checked this.

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    What I would do is create a hidden field in the page. Make the images run a javascript function that sets the hidden field to some value that will identify which buton was clicked, then run form.submit(); That way the button name will be passed to the next page as a variable.<BR><BR>-Pete

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