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    Srikanth Chevuri Guest

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    I need to call a crystal report from ASP Page. I am aware that i can do it in VB,then hopefully i think we can do it in ASP(VBScript) also.Pl suggest the way to work out.

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    Jesus Rocha Guest

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    If you have installed the crystal reports server in the same machine than the web server you only have to call the report through the URL as any other html page. When you have done this, the crystal reports servers will send you a viewer according to the browser you have: Usually an Active X viewer for Explorer or a Java viewer for Netscape.<BR><BR>If you have to pass parameters to the report you have to pass these parameters in the querystring, I mean:<BR><BR>http://myserver/myreport.rpt?prompt0=param1_value&prompt1=param2_v alue...

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