In my global.asa file i am requesting values from the ldap to use as session variables for some intranet pages:<BR><BR>Sub Session_OnStart<BR> Dim objAUO<BR> Set objAUO = Server.CreateObject("Membership.UserObjects")<BR> Session("mylanguage") = objAUO.Get("language")<BR> Session("whoami") = objAUO.get("cn")<BR> Session("access") = objAUO.Get("Complaints")<BR> Session("forename") = objAUO.get("givenName")<BR> Session("lastname") = objAUO.get("sn")<BR> Session("IJF") = objAUO.get("IJF")<BR> Session("email") = objAUO.get("mail")<BR> set objAUO = Nothing<BR> end if<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>This works well for current users but when a new user trys to access the deafult page an error occurs in the global.asa <BR><BR>Active Directory error &#039;8000500d&#039; <BR><BR>The Active Directory property cannot be found in the cache. <BR><BR>//global.asa, line 24 <BR><BR>I understand tht this is because the user doesnt exist in the ldap but im not sure how to fix it???<BR><BR>I have created a form that i would want users to be directed to if they are found to not exist in the ldap.<BR><BR>Can anyone please give me the snippet of code that i need to do this, i have seen a few examples on the web but they don&#039;t seem to work??? Many thanks in advance Rob