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    I wasn&#039;t sure where to post this.. kind of a server-slash-java-slash-general site making question anyway here goes...<BR><BR>I&#039;ve been thinking about adding a chat feature to my website using java applets, but I&#039;m not sure how possible that would be. I&#039;m not sure if I would need to have a program always running on the server (I use Brinkster to host the site) to manage everything or what. Does anybody have any info I could use? Also, I would want to write the code myself as the chat would be pretty specific for my site so I don&#039;t want to use chat offered by a second party.

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    it really depends on the applet you select or build. some use Perl Scripts as &#039;pseudo-servers&#039; - others provide server access for a licence fee. there are ASP chat applications available from - they tend to be a little sluggish, though.<BR><BR>personally I have a little Flash/XML/ASP chat app somewhere which works OK. try aspin - at least it&#039;ll give you pointers on how most of them work...

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