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    How do i check for variable declared or not<BR>got bunch of page to collect info and when i fisihed goes somewhere else and on that page or memory i would like to by pass error Variable is undefined error<BR>i would like to do some thing like.<BR>if strApplication declared then<BR>do nothing<BR>else<BR>dim strApplication<BR>end if<BR>is this possible<BR>

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    Default isObject?

    IsObject might be your ticket, check the docs @ lower left.

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    Default Nope.

    1) He&#039;s talking about a string variable, not an object. <BR><BR>2) You cannot dynamically dim anything. Let&#039;s say you tried this: <BR><BR>Dim MyVar<BR><BR>If VarType(MyVar) = 10 Then &#039;10 is error<BR> Dim MyVar<BR>End If<BR><BR>If you run that code you will get an error, even though VarType won&#039;t equal 10.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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