Hello All,<BR>This question deals with an Access 2000 database, being queried with ASP using SQL. I have a table with 3 columns.<BR>------ Responses Table -------<BR>1&#062; ID (autonumber)<BR>2&#062; Response (memo)<BR>3&#062; Keywords (string)<BR>----------------------------<BR><BR>------ Responses Sample Data------<BR>ID - 1<BR>Response - "I can&#039t tell you that!"<BR>KeyWords - "where,find,prize"<BR><BR>ID - 2<BR>Response - "There are 25 prizes available"<BR>Keywords - "prize,number,count,how many"<BR>---------------------------------<BR><BR>I would like to have a user on my webpage be able to type a normal question like "Where can I get a prize?" and by the page querying the database, be able to send back the proper response.<BR>The problem I am running into, is that I would like the script to be able to rate the responses based on which one has more keyword matches. Kind of like how yahoo gives it&#039s search engine responses back.<BR><BR>If you can help out with this, PLEASE respond or e-mail me at aeden@i-c-s-online.com<BR>Thanks,