Greetings all! <BR><BR>I have a rather frustrating problem dealing with inheritance and <BR>VS.NET. <BR><BR>To set it up, I have a class called PageTemplate that sits between the ASP.NET Page class and the indivdual pages class to implement a template system. Each "page" is wrapped inside an asp:Panel with a common name, which is then inserted into the overall Rendered product by the PageTemplate class. <BR><BR>ex: <BR><BR>protected Panel pBody; <BR>PageTemplate.OnPreRender() { <BR> Control container = FindControl("bodycell"); <BR> container.Controls.Add(pBody); <BR> base.OnPreRender(); <BR>} <BR><BR>The problem is VS.NET inserts the pBody variable into the individual pages class, so this function always fails because it <BR>is overriding the parent classes instance! Meaning I have to go <BR>through and delete the line from each individual page everytime... a real pain in the butt! <BR><BR>Any ideas on how to get around this problem? TIA! <BR>