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    hi all,<BR><BR>i&#039ve tested the example titled "Sending Emails in ASP using CDO". Everything works fine. But I never receive the mails at all.<BR><BR>I checked my SMTP, email address and others. All OK. <BR>Before this I tried this ising ASPmail using a DLL file. It works fine. The problem with this is I&#039ve to register the DLL in my IIS server, which i dont&#039t want. <BR>With CDO it seems, there is do DLL involved, which is good.<BR>but the mail never received.<BR>What could be the problem.<BR><BR>Help me pls.

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    First, CDO does have a dll. It&#039s already been registered on your machine. Second, I haven&#039t used CDO, but have used CDONTS quite a bit. Make sure there is a "From" e-mail address listed or it won&#039t send. Another reason may be your default smtp settings in IIS. Set your smart host setting to a valid email server. That may help.

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