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    Hi.. <BR><BR>I am running several javascripts in an single asp page(indexmain.asp). Its Working Fine ANd I want it in that way only.. My problem is that whenever i open a this page with a special link from a different page(1.asp) this javascript page(indexmain.asp)generates a error Access Denied. What i want to do is whenever this error orrurs i want to explicitly close the indexmain.asp page.. so iam looking for a method which can handle Error on the indexmain.asp page and close that windo.. <BR><BR>Thanks... <BR><BR>Nitin Malhotra

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    is this a client-side error?<BR><BR>you can try using try/catch but I suspect that this error is the cross-domain scripting restriction, meaning you won&#039;t be able to close the window either.<BR><BR>more details would help, though.<BR><BR>j<BR>

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