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    I have a DLL on my computer, which if I use VB to write a program to call the functions, I need to do something like "DECLARE FUNCTION" to declare the functions provided by the DLL, as shown below:<BR><BR>Declare Function TrkProjectLogin& _<BR>Lib "trktooln" ( _<BR>ByVal trkHandle As Any, ByVal userName As Any, _<BR>ByVal password As Any, ByVal projectName As Any, _<BR>ByVal DBMSType As Any, ByVal DBMSName As Any, _<BR>ByVal DBMSUserName As Any, ByVal DBMSPassword As Any, _<BR>ByVal DBMSLoginMode&)<BR><BR>* The trktooln is the DLL name and the path is already added in the PATH system variable.<BR><BR>In VB, I can then call the functions provided by the DLL. And everything work fine. However, if I want to use it in ASP...<BR><BR>1. Is it possible?<BR>2. What is the procedure / prerequisite if it is possible (e.g. register the DLL? Sorry, I never use DLL and please treat me as an idiot)?<BR>3. How the ASP code is like to call functions provided by this DLL? <BR>

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    Default ASP can't do that...

    You will have to create an ActiveX component in VB that provides the "glue" between ASP and this call.<BR><BR>You can make a very very simple ActiveX component that just has one function call that does this call, but you will have to do it in VB, not in VBScript or JScript in ASP.<BR><BR>Then you have VBS in ASP call your ActiveX component.<BR><BR>

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