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    Default Need some SQL advise here

    Hi all, I need a little SQL advise from your.<BR><BR>I have a table call COLLECTION with 2 fields. CollectionID and Underneath. The CollectionID is the Primary key. Underneath contains the CollectionID of another record in the same table. This means that one Collection can be a sub collection of another collection.<BR><BR><BR>So now, I need to perform a query with one CollectionID, to get all the sub and sub sub and sub sub sub collections out. Any experts?

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    Default Short answer: Don't do it this way

    Longer answser: Look in for various articles and discussions on "message threads" or similar topics.<BR><BR>You need AT LEAST one more field, and maybe more, in order to do this without taking forever.<BR><BR>(The alternative is to do the "sorting" in VBS code or, even better, in client-side JavaScript code.)<BR><BR>

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