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    I think we all know of the security loop hole that allows users to view our precious client side source ASP, but have you checked YOUR NT lately?<BR><BR>My old server recently went down a few weeks ago and so I had to republish onto a new server. I have just been advised tonight by a friend that this loophole was not PLUGGED on the new machine and they could browse ALL my scripts!<BR><BR>My point is, take nothing for granted and DOUBLE CHECK, every once in a while if you don&#039t have direct control of your web account.<BR><BR>if this obvious piece of info helps someone, then great. But it should serve as a timely reminder not to &#039assume&#039 anything! (of which I&#039ve been guilty of)<BR><BR>fl1rt

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    You aren&#039t the only one. You would be surprised at the amount of "high-end" websites that still have this problem. Not to mention a few others such as the showcode exploit. If you ever have the time, check a few out while surfing, I&#039ve found a few from banking to health to insurance. Believe it or not, the health site still hasn&#039t fixed their problems and they were informed over a month ago. A new meaning to the "open door" policy I guess.

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    will do - time permitting.<BR>I&#039ll shall start by checking 4Guys out first ; ) lol<BR><BR>when you don&#039t have direct control of your server(as I don&#039t yet) it is worth periodically checking what your web host support is doing with your server...there&#039s no guarantees as to what they will configure while you&#039re off developing ahead of your competitors...only to find that your competitors are browsing your source ...oh, so easily, saving themselves a lot of hard work.<BR>(I&#039ve now got a post-it on my monitor to check EVERY DAY!)<BR>

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