Displaying a list of all ODBC drivers

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Thread: Displaying a list of all ODBC drivers

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    Default Displaying a list of all ODBC drivers

    I have a remote Sun Cobalt server, and I&#039;d like to check what ODBC drivers it has since I have no idea what I can use.<BR><BR>What can I do with ASP to display a list?<BR><BR>Thanks a lot

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    Default The Chilisoft DSN panel...

    ...will tell you that, but I don&#039;t know any way to ask remotely. <BR><BR>I would say, though, that all Chilisoft installations are pretty much the same, since the only source of ODBC drivers is likely to be the ones installed by default. The only possible exception I can think of is *maybe* there is an Oracle ODBC driver for Linux that you could use. But I would hope/presume you would be aware if Oracle were installed on the server, since that&#039;s (a) a pretty expensive proposition and (b) a pretty complicated operation.<BR><BR>Have you looked at the Chilisoft docs to see what the standard drivers and standard DSNs (and DSN-less connections) are?<BR><BR>http://developer.chilisoft.com/caspdoc/362docs/html/creating_database_connections_on_the_server.htm<BR ><BR>There are a lot of links on that page to various other pieces of the docs. Such as "Viewing the List of ODBC Drivers" and "Connecting to a Database".<BR><BR>A few clicks on the latter will get you to <BR>http://developer.chilisoft.com/caspdoc/362docs/html/creating_and_using_dsn_less_database_connections.h tm<BR>and then to<BR>http://developer.chilisoft.com/caspdoc/362docs/html/syntax_for_dsn_less_connection_strings.htm<BR><BR> It&#039;s been a while since I used C!S ASP, so that&#039;s about as far as I can take you. Good luck.<BR><BR>

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