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    I realize this may not be a advanced, but I have been searching this site and others for the answer...<BR><BR>I want to do a loop, but much like a "sleeper" or "delayed" script but desplay something as it is looping like a number or something. <BR><BR>I remeber doing it a couple years ago, and it was something along the lines of response.end or response.somethhing it is mind boogling<BR><BR>lets say for example:<BR><BR>dim x<BR><BR>if x = 10 then<BR> x = x + 1<BR> response.write(x)<BR> &#039; here I would put a sleeper counter<BR> &#039; here i want to stop and display everything on the server side up to this point<BR>end if<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Be careful with a..

    .. sleep counter.<BR><BR>You freeze the server with a loop like:<BR>For z = 1 to 10000<BR><BR>Anyway, you need to Response.Flush the current buffer to the browser. Keep in mind HTML rules -- a browser will *not* display a partial table. So, if you open a table and flush, you won&#039;t see anything.

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