I need help displaying data in a text area. Basically my problem is that I am using access 97 and have a memo field. I am unable to display all the data from the memo field to a textarea. When I write out the FileLength it displays a length of 255. Any ideas would be appreciated ! Code is below.<BR> &#060;% <BR> BlockSize = 100<BR> Set Field = oRS.Fields("problem_desc")<BR> FileLength = oRS.Fields("problem_desc").ActualSize<BR> &#039Response.Write "field length is " & FileLength<BR> NumBlocks = FileLength BlockSize<BR> LeftOver = FileLength Mod BlockSize<BR> Response.BinaryWrite Field.GetChunk(LeftOver)<BR> For intLoop = 1 to NumBlocks<BR> Response.BinaryWrite Field.getChunk(BlockSize)<BR> Next<BR> oRS.Close<BR> %&#062;<BR>