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    can someone help me here im quite new to javascript and am running into some problems. im getting an "expected &#039;)&#039;" runtime error. the code is as follows:<BR><BR> function changeVal()<BR>{<BR><BR> for(i=0; i&#060;myForm.PrjID.length; i++)<BR> {<BR> strmatch=String(myForm.PrjID.options[i].text.substring(0,myForm.txtSearch.value.length)); <BR><BR> if (myForm.txtSearch.value.match(RegExp(strmatch, "i")))<BR> { <BR> <BR> myForm.PrjID.value = myForm.PrjID.options[i].value;<BR> i=myForm.PrjID.length;<BR> } <BR> }<BR>}<BR><BR><BR>the error is happening in the "if" line. ive tried just about every imaginable variation of this code but cant get the text object to match. for instance if i replace a simple string ("string") in place of the var strmatch this works fine. can anyone give me some pointers here?

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    Do a view source and give us the html and JS. I&#039;m not sure what your goal is, but is it necessary to use the String object? Why not just use the value?

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