Scenario:<BR>1. I have put a button of type "button" in a HTML table in A.asp page and I am loading the table contents from a recordset. <BR>2. So every row in the HTML Table will have a button (value="Edit") and used for Editing that particular<BR>record. <BR>3. When clicked takes to B.ASP page where the user can modify <BR>the contents of that particular record and user has to click "submit" button.<BR>4. when clicked "Submit" button on that B.asp page, it updates<BR>that record into the database and the user will be re-directed back to the previous page. <BR>So far so good. <BR>Problem:<BR>But if the user clicks again on the same "Edit" button (which was clicked a moment ago to update that particular record) on A.asp page, it shows the records content which existed before modification happended.It doesn&#039t somehow bring the content which was just updated into the database. <BR>Could some one KINDLY HELP ME WHY it behaves like this.<BR><BR>Code for Step3:<BR>&#060;TAble&#062;<BR> &#060;TD&#062;&#060;INPUT name="Edit" type=button value="Edit" onClick="window.location=&#039test.asp?recordid=&# 060;% = rsMember_ProdMarket.Fields("PRODUCT_MARKET_ID").va lue%&#062;?&#060;% = Session("Member")%&#062;&#039"&#062;&#060;/td&#062; <BR>&#060;/TABLE&#062;