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    I have two unrelated stored procedures in SQL server which I call using ADO. One of these creates a temporary table to accomplish some complicated sorting and then returns the sorted data. The other simply inserts records into another DB on the same SQL server. They both work fine when called directly by either the Enterprise Mgr. or Query Analyzer. When I attempt to run these using ADO (using Connection.Execute), however, they both perform incorrectly. The sorting SP takes approx 15-20 times longer to run, and the inserting SP will not insert over 15 records. Does anybody know if ADO can correctly handle SPs, or have any other ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance -- Greg<BR>

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    Greg - I have to admit to being on shaky ground here, but have you tried using a Command object instead of Connection.Execute? There are a fair number of options, so read the documentation carefuly, but it may work better.<BR><BR>Dunc

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