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    Hello All,<BR><BR>I am looking for a way to query multiple tables at one time with user inputed strings.<BR><BR>Example I have a database with several tables. I want to be able to search across all the tables for a particular Company name. Here&#039;s the twist I want the results to posted and i need to know what table the information came from. How can i go about doing this. I have a seperate table that lists the actual table name and it has what i call a proper name. i.e. the table name is BOS10002 the proper name is "Boston T3"<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking actually a loop could be developed to loop through the tables in the table that stores the table names and proper names. I need to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks!

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    Why do you have multiple tables containing the sama sort of information? It defies all good database design practices.

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