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    Can anyone point-me-to or give me a primer on how the ASP File cache operates? I can find the single registry control of #-of-files. Is that the only control? Is there a cache timeout? Can I force a file in or out? Is there a limitation on single file size?<BR><BR>TIA,<BR>cjf

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    A very good question - because nobody seems to know the answer! I may be mistaken (I hope I am) but I&#039ve never been able to find much solid information on this subject - to the extent that many people seem to think it&#039s a myth.<BR><BR>As far as I&#039m aware, the only options you have are:<BR><BR>1. Cache all files (the default, but liable to kill your server if you don&#039t have enough memory).<BR>2. Cache files upto a fixed number.<BR>3. Don&#039t cache.<BR><BR>This is supposed to be improved in IIS 5.0<BR><BR>Dunc

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