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    Can anyone on the board tell me how to make the values of the multiple selectbox selected when the page is loaded..Let me explain you clearly.<BR><BR>I am storing the values of the selectbox with multiple select option in an SQL table. In my add screen if the user selects 4 options in the mulitple select box it will be stored in one field with comma separted.<BR><BR>Here is my table Project_master(Proj_id,Project_name,emp_ids emp_ids). Here I am storing emp_ids(from the multiple selectbox)<BR><BR>When I go to edit page for that particular record all the values selected should be selected automatically..<BR><BR>

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    Default I posted an answer on this...

    ...sometime this week.<BR><BR>Try looking for posts that have MULTIPLE in the text and are posted by me. Might have been this forum or one of the others.<BR><BR>I&#039;m just too tired to type it in again tonight. After midnight and I need sleep.<BR><BR>

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