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    using an html page, encrypting password with an applet, searching the database, returning with an asp, how do i limit the login attempts to say 3, also using session variables.

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    Use a cookie.<BR>on login page set cookielog = 0, last attempt = Now()<BR>every time they submit an attempt that fails, set cookielog + 1<BR>lastAttempt = Now()<BR>and check on every attemt<BR>if cookielog &#062; 3 then<BR> Sorry luck has run out.<BR> if cookie lastAttempt &#062; (Now() - lastAttempt) then<BR>they have waited an hour give them more attempts<BR>set cookieslog = 1<BR><BR>Something along those lines...<BR><BR>Or you can use a session variable if one exists...<BR><BR>When session runs out or browser is closed and reopend, they have another 3 tries...<BR>

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