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    Is there an easy way to create dynamic dropdown boxes on a page, without having to pass all the information that may have changed on the page (textboxes, etc) to the next page each time.

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    Default Not easy, but can be done.

    It&#039;s actually easier to pass along the textboxes, etc., in my opinion.<BR><BR>The other way,you have to pass *ALL POSSIBLE VALUES* for the second &#060;SELECT&#062;, storing them in a JavaScript array (or arrays or array of arrays). Then, when the first &#060;SELECT&#062; changes, you go rebuild the second one&#039;s set of &#060;OPTION&#062;s from the info in the array(s).<BR><BR>If you aren&#039;t handy with client-side JavaScript, I&#039;d stick with the pure ASP solution.<BR><BR>But if you want:<BR>http://www.aspmessageboard.com/forum/showMessage.asp?F=20&M=388420&P=1<BR><BR>That started life from the demo that does it the way you describe on http://www.ClearviewDesign.com/NEWBIE

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