The howto -<BR> , tells how to read & write to a file using the same program.<BR><BR>In the example there are 2 textarea boxes, using which new lines can be added to the text file<BR><BR>For my requirement, I want similar functionality but the line number corresponding to the line displayed each time.<BR><BR>for instance i want the output to be shown this format -<BR><BR>Line # : "user entered text"<BR><BR>where the # should show the corresponding line number, so that the text file finally looks like this<BR><BR>Line 1 : i love<BR>Line 2 : blahblah<BR>.....<BR>Line 10 : blahblah <BR><BR>When i open the file next time again, it must start from the last entered line number.<BR><BR><BR>Where can I find good material to understand System.IO classes fast ?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance