Saving a Word File into an Access database

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Thread: Saving a Word File into an Access database

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    I am new to ASP and Databases and I have set up a form in which a user can type into text fields and this data will be inserted into an Access Database. I would like to enhance this form by allowing users to select a directory on their Hard Disk and select a Microsoft Word file that will be inserted into field on the Access database. My questions are therefore as follows:<BR><BR>a) Is it possible browse directories in ASP and if so how?<BR><BR>b) Is it possible to insert a Word file into an Access database or even an SQL Server database and if so how?<BR><BR>c)What data type do you need to set the Access database field so that the Word file can be inserted into it?<BR>

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    Default Don't do it.

    Too much pain and trouble, especially when it comes time to pull the data back out again.<BR><BR>Just save it in a special directory on the server, using a unique name, and then link to the file name from the DB.<BR><BR>****************<BR><BR>(a) Yes, you can browser directories. *ON THE SERVER*. NEVER on the user&#039;s machine. See the ASPFAQs, category "FileSystemObject".<BR><BR>(b) Yes, but see above. Oh, and you need some sort of FILE UPLOAD component. See for a list of components you can buy (or maybe there&#039;s a freebie).<BR><BR>(c) OLE object. But see above.<BR><BR>**************<BR><BR>It&#039;s a *little* saner to do this with a SQL Server DB, but not a whole lot. Putting the files into a directory really *is* by far much easier, much more maintainable, and much faster.<BR><BR>

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