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    Here&#039;s a challenge. I am working on a huge project converting basic files to SQL 2000 database tables then building a web app (asp). Some of the files I am converting have "place holders" for the fields. For example, I have a customer table that has mostly delimited fields when I did a text dump, except there are 8 fields that have "placeholders", so they were not delimited and got lumped into one field. Does anybody have an idea of how to parse out that data? I have the file layout, so that helps because I at least know what length each field is supposed to be, but I don&#039;t know where to start. Do I write some sort of algorhythm to do this first, then convert again later? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. (I could use Access or Excel?) Thanks.<BR>

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    So you have a file like:<BR><BR>xxx,xxx,1234,xxx,xxx<BR><BR>where 1,2,3 and 4 are 4 different fields?<BR><BR>The big question is how are you doing your conversion. If I were you I&#039;d probably be making a DTS package for SQL Server. In that case I&#039;d probably just select the position from the 3rd field instead of first adding delimiters.

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