Hi everyone,<BR><BR>I have been using asp.net (VB) for about 30 hours now and I am trying to find out the best way to do something. I want to have a generic template for my tables that include width, backcolor, bordercolor, etc, and have that template applied to multiple tables (&#060;asp:table&#062;) within the site. I know that the table has a style attribute but it didnt look like that was the proper thing to use.<BR><BR>So how can I make a few generic table templates and then have those settings apply to the tables within the page? This might be a real easy question...but an answer with example code would be a lifesaver and allow me to continue on to the next question!<BR><BR>Please respond to marcbertone@yahoo.com with your response as I only check this page periodically.<BR><BR>Thanks much!<BR><BR>-Marc