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    How can i use "CDONTS" to send an attachment to.<BR>I can&#039t get it to work<BR>Thank you in advance<BR>

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    Like so:<BR><BR>Dim objMail &#039 As CDONTS.NewMail<BR>Set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR>objMail.T o = "destination@host.com"<BR>objMail.From = "sender@host.com"<BR>objMail.Subject = "Subject goes here"<BR>objMail.Body = "The message goes here." <BR><BR>objMail.AttachFile "C:myfile.txt", "myfile.txt"<BR>objMail.Send<BR>Set objMail = Nothing <BR><BR>The first parameter is the pathname to the file. The second parameter is the name that appears with the attachment in the person&#039s e-mail. <BR>This is especially helpful if you have a long pathname or don&#039t want to show the user the original filename. <BR>Also the SMTP service must be running on the server from which you are sending your email....

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