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    Default RIGHT JOIN not supported?

    In the analyser I create a right join, no probs. Copy it to my asp pasge and get this:<BR><BR>Microsoft JET Database Engine error &#039;80040e14&#039; <BR>Join expression not supported. <BR><BR>/lig/search.asp, line 114 <BR>

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    Default Look at your parentheses...

    There is a bug in Access2000, where if you go to view the SQL of an already working query that uses outer JOINs, the parentheses that are *NEEDED* by the query engine get dropped!<BR><BR>So if you then copy/paste that into your ASP page, the parens are gone.<BR><BR>I noticed it in a query of this form:<BR><BR>SELECT ... <BR>FROM T1 LEFT JOIN T2 <BR>ON ( T1.xyz = T2.xyz AND T2.whatever=something )<BR>ORDER BY T1.xyz<BR><BR>If I typed that in to the Access SQL query view and then ran it, it worked fine.<BR><BR>If I then came back to the SQL view, the parens had disappeared!<BR><BR>If I didn&#039;t edit the SQL and then requeried, it still worked. But if I even added in a space character, then I would get exactly the error you are seeing! Because of the missing parens.<BR><BR>SO obviously Access keeps your SQL in some sort of pre-parsed state and then, when you ask to see the SQL View, it spits it back out at you. But it sometimes screws up doing so.<BR><BR>

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