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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am teaching myself ASP, and am stuck. I have been tasked with creating password protected tables to be accessed from our website. <BR><BR>I have created these tables in Access2000. One is the data table and one is the username/password info. I have also created the<BR>the engine, the password entry page, the invalid entry page, and the access page.<BR><BR>Where I&#039;m stuck is how to connect the access page up to the data table. I haven&#039;t seen any examples to show this.<BR><BR>Also, should I be saving the data table in rich text format for viewing online?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    if someone as access then just redirect them to the data page, and run a query to display the data.<BR><BR>if userpassword = xxx then<BR>redirect "http:///xxxx"<BR>end if

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