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    Hi,<BR>I&#039;m sure someone here has experienced problems with those two processes hogging up the CPU and mem. I&#039;ve been searching for awhile (and finding tons of stuff) on why it does this, but I haven&#039;t figured out how to isolate the problem and fix it. I&#039;m not running any .NET, only basic ASP. I have two components installed on the server, but neither one is being used at this time. We have tried executing some of our larger scripts to see if we could trigger the problem but we haven&#039;t really been able to so far. It happens about twice a day. Anyone have any suggestions on how to figure out what&#039;s cuasing it? Or a remedy to fix the problem? <BR><BR>Thanks - Trevor

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    DLLHost is your COM marhaller... it&#039;s only invoked when you attempt a com call (custom objects, adodb, etc)<BR><BR>ASP is also a com call as well....<BR><BR>See where I&#039;m going? It&#039;s a ***** to track down. Start a log file of when things start going awry... check your event logs as well.

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