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Thread: User can't login to ftp site...

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    Hi all...Regs...<BR><BR>I am having trouble with a user login for an ftp site I have created on our web server...I think I have ftp site set up right because...<BR><BR>Can login as administrator fine...Tried killing the fly with a brick and making user a member of the administrators group...<BR><BR>Could not login...I think I have permissions correct...I added specific user access via windows explorer and the permissions tab for this folder...Gave full control...<BR><BR>I am very much the neophite on administration and set up...<BR><BR>Thanks in advance...<BR><BR>KLC<BR>

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    If I can think back to FTP, I think you actually need to specify which users can log on using the FTP properties in IIS Console Manager, then of course they will need permissions on the files in the FTP site.

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